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Hyunchae Cheong   정현채

Born in Seoul, Korea.

Hyunchae graduated from the Doctoral Degree Program of the Graduate School of Art and Design, Tama Art University, in 2019 (PhD). She is a designer & creative director, and her talents cross-over art, design, concepts and styles with consistency of smart thinking always at the heart of her work. She has worked as a designer at Kenma. Inc and then as a creative director at Samsung Electronics Japan. Her current research is focused on “Design Potential in the Age of Shared Value (New Paradigm of Social Design).”

  • 블랙 링크드 인 아이콘

Educational background

2016.04 - 2019.03      [Japan] Tama Art University Ph.D. in Art

                                                 With the support of the Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) Scholarship.

2014.04 - 2016.03      [Japan] Tama Art University Masters in Design

                                                 With the support of the Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) Scholarship.

2009.03 - 2013.02      [Korea] Tongmyong University  Bachelors of Visual communication design

Business career

2022.04 - Present       [Japan]   Tama Art University, Assistant Professor

2019.12 - 2022.04      [Japan]   Samsung Electronics Japan, Creative Director

2019.04 - 2019.11      [Japan]   Kenma Inc. , Designer

2014.03 - 2019.03      [Japan]   Freelance Graphic Designer 

2012.03 - 2014.02      [Korea]   kidp(Korea Institute of Design Promotion),  Graphic Designer(KDM 5th) 


2021.09 [Japan]         NA(EGO), Exclusively personal stories: Duo Exhibition

2020.07 [Korea]         KWVD International Invitational Exhibition 2020

2019.03 [Japan]         Tama Art University Ph.D. Graduation Exhibition 2019

2017.11 [Japan]         2017 Challenge Art in Japan, Exhibition: Artwork

2017.09 [Japan]         ACT(The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo) International Student Fair Program, Exhibition: Recycling Design

2017.07 [Korea]          84TH GAKUM "Fill colorful sympathy on the moment", Exhibition: Illustration Design

2015.10 [Korea]          2015 ECO-EXPO KOREA, Exhibition: TU.V 

2015.10 [Korea]          UPCYCLE 2nd BIRTHDAY, Exhibition: TU.V 

2013.12 [Korea]          2013 Seoul Design Festival, Exhibition: TU.V 

2012.12 [Korea]          2012 Seoul Design Festival, Exhibition: Team Andamiro


2020.03 [Japan]          UI・UX Design for Galaxy Brand Store in Amazon JP

2020.02 [Japan]          Logo Design for Lifestyle Platform "MY NEST" 

2020.01 [Japan]          OOH・DOOH Design for Galaxy JP

2019.11 [Japan]          Korean Chicken Specialty Restaurant "55chicken", Brand Identity Design

2019.10 [Korea]          Wedding Invitation Design

2019.07 [Japan]          Shionogi & Co., Ltd., Shionogi Education and Training Center, Total Branding

2017.11 [Japan]          2017 Challenge Art in Japan, Art Direction (#TAMABI_HAKASE)

2017.09 [Japan]          Album Jacket Design for "OMIYADENKITEN"

2017.06 [Korea]          Book Cover Design for "Publicity of agricultural brand"

2017.05 [Korea]          Meal-Kit subscription service "Weaning food", B.I Renewal

2017.03 [Korea]          NAMHAE Rainbow Meditation Center, Brand Identity Design

2015.08 [Korea]          2015 Busan ​​International Advertising Festival YOUNG STARS Participation: Team TAU

2015.04 [Japan]          Flower cake specialty store "APPUCHIMA" Brand Identity Design

2015.03 [Japan]          ADK WAKAMONO STUDIO Bizcon Participation: Team T-g`s

2014.11 [Japan]          "Banya" Co., Ltd.; part-time graphic designer (2014.11~2015.05)

2014.09 [Japan]          "Korean food restaurant 7080 TOPPO-GI" Brand Identity Design

2014.08 [Korea]          2014 Busan ​​International Advertising Festival YOUNG STARS Participation: Team TAMATAMA

2014.04 [Korea]          Established Upcycling Design Brand TU.V (2014.04~present)

2014.03 [Japan]          "Happy Food" Co., Ltd.; part-time graphic designer (2014.02~2014.11)

2013.05 [Korea]          Busan city business card design project

2013.01 [Korea]          Design company 'DNI Communication' Regional characterization project  (Daehan pottery package · design)

2012.12 [Korea]          (Royal College of Art) RCA-KIDP Winter School 2012 

2012.07 [Netherlands] TU-Delft / Delft University of Technology Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering 

2013.07 [Italy]             Exprientia S.r.I Design Creative workshop

2012.06 [Korea]          Logo Design for NANUM Community 

2012.06 [Korea]          Participation in Busan City Hall 'Cafe C' B.I Development Project

2012.03 [Korea]          Busan ​​Design Center · Korea Design Membership passed (5th-period member,​ 2012.03~2014.03)

2011.10 [Japan]         Asia-Pacific Festival (Fukuoka) Pusan ​​City Public Relations University Student Representative

2011.08 [Korea]          Tongmyong University Global Frontier '緑 Project

2010~2012 [Korea]    Study of sign information, providing methods important to the lives of the visually impaired (Researcher)

2010.10 [Korea]          The 6th Busan World Fireworks Festival Evaluation Team (Japan Questionnaire)


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